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Bristol, UK
Hi all and thanks for having me as a member here :hello:

My name is Steve and I live in Bristol (UK). I am returning to cycling aged 68 after a 30+ year abstinence and several years of being a couch potato :ohmy: I recently decided it was time to get active again and cycling was the obvious choice for me as in my teens I was an active competition rider regularly taking part in time trials and the odd road race. From school I went into the Army as an apprentice and joined the college cycling team (where I trained with the late, great, Jim Fox OBE) becoming a Junior Army Champion and going on to cycle for my Corps.

After the Army I stopped competitive cycling to concentrate on building my civilian career as an international sales engineer but I still rode at weekends when I was at home. At the same time I became interested in wildlife photography. Eventually moves to Germany, France and the USA put a stop to bike riding completely as work took up virtually all of my time as I climbed the corporate ladder. I finally retired in 2022 and in return for some wildlife photographs I had taken for a friend I was given a Ridley Supercross bike. The Ridley was far too big for me so didn't get used much but it did rekindle my love for cycling so that the beginning of this year I exchanged it for a Specialized Allez Sport (from 2010) and my current journey began in earnest.

So here we are. I'm overweight and unfit but loving being back on a bike again. At the beginning of the year I weighed 21st 1lb (134kg) :eek: and since then have lost 2 1/2 stones (9.5kg). I am planning to lose at least the same again.

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To be honest with you, half of this forum probably spend far too much time on here, so don't worry about being out of shape - As they say, at least you will be lapping those still sat on the couch!

Enjoy and good luck!


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You're the same weight as me, which means you're perfect as you are. Unless you're 6 inches tall.

Greetings and welcome. Nice to see more ex squaddies joining.
Yes welcome, perhaps you can capture More wild life pictures as you cycle my problem is motivation most of the time amongst other things but your weight loss is impressive,
I'm sure you'll fit in ànd find lot's of members offering their advice on any problems you may have.
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