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Hi guys,
im fairly new to cycling. Ive been commuting to work 3 times a week for a few months now cycling 12 miles each way. I was limited to short distance through experiencing continual back pain on an ill fitting hybrid bike.
Last month i felt i had suffered enough pain, ditched the hybrid and got properly fitted for a road bike.
So... in relation to my new bike I havent started riding it seriously yet,ive done a few short rides similar mileage but no pain.
This year my aim is to keep cycling through the cold (f I can) and progress to pleasure and commute extending my mileage. To be honest the road bike feels completely different- like im starting again so I am looking for helpful hints and support on making the switch.

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Hi and :welcome: @lyralou


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:welcome: The hybrid must have been set up badly for you as they are generally very comfortable bikes. Try copying the saddle height and position relative to the pedal-crank and bars over to the hybrid from the road bike see if that improves it.
My old Ridgeback hybrid covers more miles than any of my other bikes normally (I'm only on the trike due to a broken femur) :cycle:


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Welcome! Cycling a 24-mile round trip 3 times a week must be brilliant for your wellbeing and fitness. :thumbsup:
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