Newbie to road cycling


Hi all
I’ve been cycling for years but not really road cycling, mostly for fun on a mtb,comuting to work for years on it etc.

Just recently I decided to buy another bike for me to enjoy as a hobby. I purchased a Boardman ADV 8.8, but just fitted some 700x28 road tyres instead of the 40mm schwalbe g one all round tyres it came with. I’m enjoying getting into road cycling and have loads to learn and ask so be prepared!

I do all my own maintenance and repairs when needed (I’m a car mechanic to trade) and I enjoy learning more and more about it all.

Anyway hope to learn more on here and meet some of you.


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Welcome to road cycling!

From my own experience of road cycling, I can heartily recommend that you bang those Schwalbe's back on and GTFO the road and into the countryside ;)
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