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    Last year our best friend tragically died in a paragliding accident, he was only 25. His family have set up a charity (Guy's Trust) to honor his name, and keep his memory going. My boyfriend and I will be cycling from Newcastle to London on Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th October, to raise money for his charity. We are doing it in 26 hours to celebrate what would have been his 26th Birthday. We are cycling from Newcastle because that's where it went to uni, and our finish point is his parents house, in London.

    We would love some company along the way! Please contact me if you are interested in cycling with us for a couple of hours, anywhere along the route! We will really need some motivation to keep the pace up for 26 hours!

    You can find out more about our cycle and why we are doing it on our website. You can also sponsor us via our site.

    Many thanks,

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    Chanelle Weller

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    Hi there,

    We are doing this cycle this weekend coming. Please check out our route and see if you can be tempted to join us; And please kindly sponsor us here;
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