News Headlines (Badly Written)


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Hi all,

Was just surfing the web at lunch, and read this headline, and thought it sounded funny as it had no punctuation.

"Armed police close in on fugitive gunman as massive ring of steel is set up around rural village"

Wow! I've never seen a massive ring of steel set up around a village before. Poor residents!!

You could also argue, why did the police wait for the massive ring of steel before closing in!!

Thought we could all find some stupid headlines and poke some fun!!! :becool:


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Heard a talk from a printer once (back in the day when there was such a thing) who reckoned many of them were deliberate. He cited a story about the local council's annual summer ball which was rumoured to be at risk from budget cuts, which ran under the headline 'Mayor's balls hang in the balance'.


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Saw a Leicester Mercury banner headline once that read:

"Leicester factories hit by huge Chinese knicker imports"

Wow, huge Chinese knickers! They must be eyecatching!


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I like the police line of the above, the guys shot three people, is on the run, news ever few seconds here in the north east about the shooting and the guy used a gun and what do the police come out with?

Police warning : "The guys armed and dangerous, do not approach"

they expecting someone to run upto him and give him a hug?


Denys Parsons used to do a series of books of these.

One of my favourites was "Passengers hit by cancelled trains".

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