Nice moment on Saturday


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I was browsing in the National Trust shop, and a middleaged couple next to me (note to self, you're middleaged yourself now) were looking at a CD "Music for tired Gardeners". The chap said to his wife "What will that have on it, Robert Plant?" The wife merely shrugged a bit, her mind was elsewhere I think, but I looked up and caught his eye and said "Oh, very good". Off they went, down the shop, and I continued to browse. A moment later, the chap was back at my shoulder and said "Or, maybe, Kate Bush!" I said "You're going to be thinking of these all day aren't you?" and he grinned and wandered off again.

It was one of those little moments that made a horrible cold wet day and heaving shops just a little bit better...:tongue:

betty swollocks

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I was in Woolies. Two late middle-aged women walked past wearing those shapeless coats they do and went past a rack of calendars with pictures of bikini'd lovelies. Two similarly aged men were following (their husbands?) and paused to look at the taut tanned torsos. One then said to the other in an audible whisper half the shop could hear,
"It's amazing what they've got under their coats, isn't it?"

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