Nice new commute


Dog on a bike
I commute from Welling, Kent into Waterloo in Central London on a daily basis and for the last few months I've taken the direct route across Blackheath and down the A2 into Elephant and Castle but I got fed up of the aggro from drivers and the roadworks in New Cross (dig up a whole transport hub, why not! :tongue:) so today I switched through Greenwich Park and onto the Lower road through Southwark and I must say it's a much nicer journey. Bit wary of the 20mph limits in the Park but hey ho and the pedestrians aren't as terrified as they are on the A2 but adds to the fun.

Just thought I'd share a sunshiney, happy commute story!!!! :blush:
I might see you as I commute from East Lunnon guv to Waterloo via 4 bridges although not all at once.:girl:
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