Night time is drawing in so Rear Light


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I know this has been covered over and over again, but I can't find the thread.

I am looking for a good affordable rear light, one that will get me seen on dark unlit country and unlit A roads. I am thinking of the Moon shield 60, but at around £40 wondered if there are alternatives.



A couple of Smart 1/2 Watt lights would be my recommendation. Definitely 2 though whatever you buy.


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Any decent make over £10 will do as rear lights are generally bright enough at night, they do need the lumens the front lights do.


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...I am thinking of the Moon shield 60, but at around £40 wondered if there are alternatives.
I'm sure there are alternatives, but I'm very happy with my Moon Shield. I tend just to use it on it's flashing setting and it's plenty bright enough. I haven't found a need yet to put it up to it's max setting (60 lumens) - perhaps if I found myself in patchy fog? The USB rechargeable nature of it makes it great and I tend to do a couple of commutes (an hour-ish each way) before I think about charging it up - but I can do so from my PC at work which is convenient.


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The moon shield is very good. The only comparable light is a magicshine 818, or Exposure Flare at around the £40.

Smart R1 and R2, RSP Astrum, Mars 3 and 4 are all good alternatives, about £20 each or cheaper
I use 2 of these They're brighter than most, very noticable at distance and pretty cheap, really pleased with mine. :smile:
+1 for these, recently got one, great disco mode too


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Smart R2 is good and has not leaked or failed yet. Would be nice if the batteries ran a bit longer or it took aa size but can't have it all. As has been said get two.
I've had many but this combo gets respect from motorists.

2 Fenix LD2s - they output around 200 lumens each using 2 AA batt
Batteries (I use rechargeables). They also have a first flash (strobe) mode. They have eliminated 'left crosses and 'right hooks'.

Danger Zone - bright with 'random' flash mode. Brighter than Super Flash and are much more water resistant.
Trek Beacons - handlebar end lights, give your bike width. Both take AAA batteries,rechargeable of course.
Lastly, Blackburn's Flea mounted on my helmet puts another light far from the others giving me a larger profile.

I've used these for thousands of cyclommuting miles and received many positive comments.


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Back end of my hybrid is starting to look like a xmas tree.

Helmet Light - flashing
Rack Mounted Dynamo Light B&M Topline Brake - Solid
Fender Mounted Light - Flashing
Right and Left Mounted Aldi Mini - Flashing

Front for interest

Left and Right Mounted Aldi - Flashing
Front Post Mounted B&M Dynamo Fly IQ - Solid
Probably need another decent front light but not decided yet
My old commute sounds similar, unlit A roads, unlit B roads and country lanes, including single track.

Only rear light I will now use is the cateye TL-LD1100

various options including 1 level or 2 levels flashing/static or any combination inbetween, usually only need 1 level flashing to get seen - very rarely need both levels on (and I beleive in being seen). One of the things I really like about this light, is that the lights have a focal point where it is bright, but as you get closer and pass to the side, it is nowhere near as bright and certain not blinding unlike some.


It is one of the few is visible from 270 degrees. First bought more than 8 years ago, still going strong and there is an optional adaptor to fit to a pannier rack if single screw is not an option as well as standard seat post and belt/rucksack clip.

We run these with rechargable AA batteries and usually go several weeks without needing to recharge them. (On tour we had them on each and every day in the UK on flashing, and a set of batteries would last a week used all day every day on single strip flashing mode.) All 4 bikes have one (we have the screwed on, rather than unclippable).
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