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Due to recent nasty bike accident (head injury & surgery) the DVLA don't want me to drive for a while, maybe up to a year. Also, I'm not using the bike at present so am walking lots locally and using the train for longer distances (Mrs C doesn't like to drive far on the motorway).

I've just returned from a 3 mile each way jaunt to the nearest Sainsburys and all I can say is, my bloody feet are killing me!
Could Mrs C pedal a rickshaw for you?
That sounds like a very long time......


Why not make a virtue out of necessity and take up walking (in the countryside) seriously? Walking, either solo or in company, can be a very enjoyable activity if approached in the right frame of mind :biggrin: and three miles will soon seem like a doddle*.

The LDWA Dorset Giant 100K, which I did earlier this year, was one of the most rewarding challenges I have ever taken on.

*although in Dorset, a Doddle is 32 miles :ohmy:


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Could you not take up running? I don't know anything about you or your level of fitness but I see all types when I go out.



...once I found myself having to walk a 10 mile round trip to work and back for a while...I found actually that the time passed far more quickly if I was reading a book whilst walking. Unfortunately the down side is that one looks, well, a bit odd. However, it really does pass the time!


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have this problem ALL the time. my feet kill me... probably because the only flat shoes i own are my cycle shoes! :ohmy:


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actually, an investment in an ipod (or similar) will make walking a little less tedious.
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