No Yellow Jersey


I did wonder as technically, Rasmussen won it fairly. He was withdrawn by his team rather being disqualified by the Tour.


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Seems silly.

If Rasmussen doesn't start, then he is definitely out. So Contador wears the yellow.

Seems simple to me.

If he can't wear yellow today, he can't wear it in Paris, surely.

Seems stupid to leave it out just for a day

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I think by his efforts so far in the Tour, and the departure of the yellow jersey, Contador deserves the yellow jersey.

Did you see him with his little sprints which Rasmussen couldn't keep up with the other day? He deserves it!


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I think it is because they want to present the yellow jersey, as oppose to here you are you wear it by default.


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rasmussen was still the leader of the tour (and eligible to wear yellow) up until the sign in this morning, as he had not been thrown out of the race by the organisers but sacked by rabobank.

contador was in second place, hence would be wearing the white jersey of the best young rider.


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Worth remembering this year for that pub quiz question of "what year did the Tour de France have two stages without a wearer of the yellow jersey?"
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