noisey 105 chain ring

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i have a triple 105 9 speed set up on my bike. the middle chainring has what appear to be 4 small blades that sit just below the teeth. the chain clicks against these blades with each peddle , i.e. 4 times a revolution. it is not a particularly loud noise but as i'm sure you can understand it is really beginning to P!$$ me off :tongue:

does anyone know:
a) what the blades are for
:biggrin: if i change to a shimano chain from the high end SRAM 9 speed chain i have will this stop the noise

any advice much appreciated :?:



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I cannot visualise these wings of which you speak... post a photo? They could be to stop the chain jamming between chainrings (upper and lower), are they pegs, or shaved section of a wider chainring? If they're fouling the chain something ain't right (but you knew that already).

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I've already posted a reply on 'the other forum' to your question, but the blades are there to help the up-shift from smaller to bigger chainring - without them, the shift would be far more sluggish. Normally, they wouldn't touch the chain when engaged to the chainring - are you sure your chain isn't excessively worn and therefore touching these 'blades'.
thanks i suspected that they were to assist with the changing between chain rings particularly when the gap between teeth numbers is large; i.e. 30 to 42 as i have.

bike is only a month and half old. it was an ex-display cyclosportif model from thorn, i think that they made the bike up to show as a fast Audax model as the seat and guards are definitely for long distance rather than racing....

the bike was originally shipped with an 8 speed chain which was as noisey as hell, SJS swapped it for the top end SRAM 9 speed chain, it is now much quieter but on the middle ring with the blades it clicks. the real answer i'm looking for is does anyone run the same 9 speed 105 group but with a shimano chain and if they do does it click?



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Get back in touch with SJS.

I don't run shimano (I use that italian stuff!) but a 9 speed chain is a 9 speed chain in terms of Shimano and SRAM, when I did run shimano I would always use SRAM due to better durability.

SJS need to suggest a fix for you, which shouldn't cost you any money. It could be a faulty chain ring with the ramps (wings) sat a little pround or something like that. If this was a bike out of warranty, careful inspection might suggest the need for a little bit of filling to the ramps.


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Is the chain noisy in all gear combinations? Are you running a double or triple chainset? Is it just noisy when in the small rear sprockets and the inner chainring? Sounds like you're running the chain in cross-over as above and it will be noisy - solution is not to run the small sprockets in the small chainring - shift it onto the big chainring instead. Changing the chain is unlikey to make any difference. I think it's highly unlikely that it's anything to do with components/bike set-up.
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