Noisy BB on Boardman Fi Road Team Carbon Bike 2011/2012


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Hi all,
Has anyone else had a problem with the Boardman Fi Road Team Carbon Bike 2011/2012? :ohmy:

I bought the Mrs this bike from Halfords mid July 2012, she's only done 337 miles on it and last night as we were heading out for a quick 20miles, it sounded like she had a lolly stick in her spokes??? stopped to check and no obvious problem but the noise was very prominent as the crank turned, and echoed up the carbon frame from the BB. :angry:
Did a quick Google search last night and noted it seems it was quite common on the earlier models.

So the bike is back at Halfords after just 3 weeks riding, waiting for them to sort it via repair or replacement, but given how little mileage its done I'm not filled with confidence either will be good.......! to make matter worse we've got an 80 mile sportive to do Sunday. :eek:

Anyone had a problem then with theres?
Is it BB30?

If so then Google BB30 problems, loads of people have had problems with this set up.

I've actually converted mine from BB30 to Hollowtech II, and hey presto no more problems :smile:

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Hi Smokeysmoo,
The spec does say FSA chainring with BB30 bottom bracket, and yes I'd seen the reports on Goggle. But TBH I dont want the hassle of changing the BB on a £1000 bike not a month old, they can do that. ^_^ and if it happens again in 300 odd miles I want my money back.


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i bought the boardman team a few week's ago,first ride on it after 4 miles the BB became very noisy..
Took it back to halfords and it was found the that the bearings were bone dry:angry:
given the feedback on the halfords site about BB30 issues i suggested that in future,when building the bike for customers they check the for problems,to which the chap said we always do check:banghead:
my response was a broad smile and my reply was your having a chuckle.
The bike is a excellent bike,you just have to put up with Muppet's trying to teach you suck eggs:whistle:


I'm back! Yippeee
rebottom bracket noise, i have a cx i greased the bearings, still there the chain ring bolts were not tightened propperly , noise reduced apart from a fairly regular creak/tick ah the saddel clamp wasent tight enough woow it almolst sounds like a bike should, but im begining to think that any noise on boardman bikes transmits though the bb
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