Nokia N95 browser crash


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SE London
When selecting anything the 'Loading' sign come up and then the browser exits. I presume there is a conflict in the javascript. Do we need this - it just adds to overheads and every browser has a 'loading' icon anyway?


I can't do much with the mobile skin as it's a built-in thing.

I had problems with my Nokia N96 too - randomly crashing out, but it does that with a lot of sites, not just CC, so I expect it's related more to the Nokia software upgrade on the phone than CC itself.

I know there is an updated version of the skin due out in a few weeks - along with some more forum updates / fixes, so let's hope that helps.

I do plan to install a light coloured basic regular skin which might work better with you N95 - keep an eye on this forum as I'll likely post an announcement here once I've put the new skin on.

Shaun :rolleyes:
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