Noob Moment!


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Proper noob moment this morning.

Last night I notice a scratch on my rim baking surface, I was concerned, but also sleepy, so this morning I inspect it further,it goes half way around my rim, "oh sh*t" im thinking. Commute to work, then have a good old look in the office. "Even worse goes all the way around" (this was obtained by removing a sticker covering the "crack"), sure fire failure I thought, was not impressed, there goes the aero helmet funds on a rim and rebuild, OR NOT!

Long story short, Its the damn join when there rim has been manufacture, in conclusion, I am an arse, lol!


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You should probably replace it with some lovely deep sections / lightweights / whatever you desire most... just to be safe :biggrin:


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Since reading this, I've just noticed a crack in my face. Its below the nose and above the chin, and its spreading!!! What should I do??? :biggrin:
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