England : Norfolk Norwich AlleyCat Annual Navigational Challenge 19/11/17


The Norwich AlleyCat Annual Navigational Challenge on your bicycle in and around Norwich.

When: Sunday 19th of November 2017.
Where: St George’s Green Opposite the Playhouse NR3 1AB
Time 11.45am for Midday start…………. You can build an appetite cycling and have your lunch after you finish!

No questions to answer.
No clues to solve,
No photos to take
And No sneaky Joker!
Just the unmanned checkpoint punches.
The locations of the punches will be given on the sheet in no particular order, and it will be up to the riders to choose, plan and cycle a route that suits them.

There is one rule and one rule only: the correct punch must be used to stamp the corresponding box on the sheet.

Cost: A suggested voluntary donation of £1.00 per person to help me cover my costs.

Official Norwich AlleyCat timers will be available to hire at £1.00 each.

Further details from Gareth on 07758 786036

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/norwichalleycat or use the QR code below;


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Oh that looks like fun! Shame I'm not nearer.
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