Numb Bum Syndrome... Ouch!



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Hmmm, well I'm not sure now.

I decided to take the real bike for a longer journey today - 45 minutes. In reality, this is the same as my commute round-trip, so shouldn't really have posed any problems. But I did find things started to get a little uncomfortable towards the end of that journey. I'm not sure now if that was the extra time on this trip or the time spent on the exercise bike the night before :troll:

I think all I can do is live with it stand up every once in a while if it gets too much. I'm sure things will improve when I get used to the longer journey :smile: I'm happy enough with my fitness level though :smile:

Now I just need to make sure I know my way or my planned 70 minute ride could turn into a heck of a lot more ;):biggrin:


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NigC said:
No, Vernon.
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