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Not sure if this is the right part of cycle chat, but hope someone can help.

I've got a 2020 roubaix comp, and it's pretty much spot on, apart from at around 40km in I always get a numb right hand (for some reason left is fine).

Fit on the rest of the bike feels spot on, sizing in general seems right, and I change hand position regularly, and riding on the tops seems to be the best position to reduce this happening.

I don't want to continually ride on the bars, and am trying to increase core strength but I was wondering if reducing the stem by 10mm (currently 100mm) might help alieviate the issue as well?

Anyone got some advice on that?


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If it's not the bike i.e. vibration, you have a trapped nerve in your wrist, try wearing padded gloves
What shape are your bars.
Are the controls positioned well both up down and in rotation.
Once that is optimised, you can double wrap and wear decent gloves.


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I don't think vibration is too much of an issue as I have the future shock on the bike, and it vibrates less than my other bike that doesn't have it.

Padded gloves are a good shout though!


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If you tilt your saddle nose up a few mm you should find more weight is carried by your butt and less on your hands. If off the hoods and on the flat bar you may have pressure on the nerve that runs up fron your wrist just inside of your thumb pad. I find shifting the weight bearing area helps a lot. Hope you find relief, soon.
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