numb hands revisited

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Poole, Dorset
Some of you may remember that some while ago i asked for advice on numb hands. I was pointed in the direction of the Ergo Control Bar End Grips from SJS Cycles. They are really good and I recommend them. However, they didn't solve the problem, just gave me more options for where to put my hands. Then I went out for a short ride and forgot my padded mitts - no numb hands! I no longer wear the mitts (but carry them on long rides just in case) and, although I still get a bit of numbness in one hand (why? must be pressure ?) the problem is a lot better.
i only mention this in case anyone else is having a similar problem.
The bar-ends are a real treat - I can change hand position easily and safely. Not sure if the mitts were acting a bit like a gel saddle - spreading the pressure rather than relieving it. Hope this helps
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