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Cycling in the sun
Someone asked this question and I did reply on that thread ... but I notice the following entry in our local rag (do not read the comments at the bottom):

Of 180 staff working at the council's transport HQ in Wilder Street, 68 cycle into work, but there are only ten cycle racks for them.

In the council's city development headquarters at Brunel House, 113 of the 568 members of staff come in by bike, with only 40 racks.
However in true rag style they have the figures wrong... as there are more racks than they say at my offices... but we are short of bike spaces... how they think we can put 3 on a rack I don't know... what are you supposed to do if like me you work part time ... make sure you get the outside spot... what if the person on the inside needs to use theirs to go to a meeting elsewhere?
Any event/incident of which I have had personal knowledge has always been chronically misreported by local papers. Often it is as though the reporters have just made it up as they went along with distorted facts and people being misquoted. I now realise that we should trust very little of what we see/hear in our media.
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