I have been off the bike for the last couple of weeks, and no driving, about three weeks ago , every now and again , just in my right eye , it was as though everything was shaking or vibrating up and down. only lasting for about ten seconds, I rang doctors but had to wait a couple of days for an appointment, I had it for a couple of days when I asked mrs roadrash to look at my right eye when I said it was happening, she said my eyeball was vibrating up and down , not by a lot but really fast.
Just as when you take a car into the garage and tell the mechanic about the noise you can hear, it never happens when the mechanic is present , just as my eye behaved its self while I was at the doctors, based on my own and wifes description he diagnosed nystagmus, I had never heard of it and thought it sounded like a roman emperor, he asked about family history of strokes as you are either born with nystagmus or get it by suffering nerve damage as the result of a stroke, he seemed to think I may have had a mini stroke , I said I am sure I would have known about it , not neccasserily he said. he said it is treatable with botox injections of all things. I have a couple of scan appointments booked in the next week
I have an emergency appointment with the specialist eye clinic tomorrow to see what they say, hopefully they can sort it because its going worse day by day as in its happening more often and its doing my head in.

do you or anyone you know have nystagmus and is it managed well and do they have it under control.


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Sounds pretty nasty. You also need checking out to see if they can spot/confirm a mini stroke.


Can’t be nice for you at all. Try not to get too down about or worry about it. I know that’s not as easy as that.;)

Having asked Mrs73 about this it’s a posh word for a twitch ( if you’ve not found it out) and she also say’s it responds well and is very treatable.

Sounds odd but yes many have mini stokes and never know. My dad did never effected him and again very treatable.


Not had what you describe, but about a year ago, I had a real dizzy spell and could not walk without feeling I was about to fall over. Anyway, had tests and checks and they could not find anything, but they said they would treat it as a mini stroke. This meant no driving for 4 weeks and although I felt fine, could not drive. Should I have been in an accident, I believe my insurance would have been invalid. Really frustrating.

Hope you get sorted and can get to the top of Billinge soon.


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apparently the what the scans are for.not that I know about such things but, I mean how can you have a mini stroke and not know.
A post-mortem was done on my dad. The doctors told us that it looked like he'd had several mini-strokes in his last couple of years, but none of us had known before that.

Good luck!


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So sorry to hear about this problem you're facing. If the quack says its treatable then don't worry. On the up side you'll look younger after the botox injections. If you have had mini strokes its good you've been diagnosed and you didn't get any paralysis.
Keep positive and put your trust in the great NHS.


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my 12 year old granddaughter was present when me and mrs roadrash was talking about the botox injections, she went home and told her mum "grandad is having a facelift" .:laugh::laugh:
Botox is quite useful stuff for non-cosmetic reasons. I've had it twice but you'd cry if you knew where - there was a male nurse on one occasion, and he visibly went green. :laugh:
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