O.T. usb or ethernet?

the best pc has just died so are back on a steam driven one which only has a usb connection for the modem.
would there be any noticeable difference if we put a ethernet card in and connected that way.
we used to connect all our ,well two,pc's through a router to the modem so have all the leads.
thanks, it's got a mix of usb 1 and 2.
thanks, the daughters boyfriend has just dropped one off but if it doesn't work , i may take you up on it , wish he'd dropped a pc off this one is sooooo slow!!
thanks for the replies.got the ethernet working.
strange thing is the dead pc is now running.
the shop said it needed a new motherboard, so thinking i had nothing to lose i went to take a dvd player out. after removing the drive i switched it on to see what the display on the motherboard said, it came up with ff as usual, then the screen came on.
so much for computer shops, they'd have had £100 quid off me for supposed new board and processor.
must have been a problem with the drive i removed.:ohmy:


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Result! :ohmy:


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USB 1.0 is still faster than an 8 meg broadband connection, so no diffs, may be some CPU load, bit minimal.

The speeds aren't the same...glad it's going..

Bloody annoying PC's, especially if you are the family 'expert' and are expected to be on 24/7 call....ffs I've had a glass or three of vino, will it wait.......


hm, if you copying data like music or something then you'll want usb 2 over 1, 1 wmorks but you don;t want to watch it
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