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I am about to take delivery of a gravel bike. Please make any advisory comment that you think will help me avoid elementary errors. I will have a less stretched position than on my road bike, 35mm tyres and relatively easy gear ratios.

Any guidance re the routes south of Newbury and Kingsclere, towards Hannington would be welcomed.
1. Is the A339 from Newbury acceptable as far as the turnoff S to Bishops Green. The alternative is to route to the North of Greenham Common
2. from Kingsclere, the road route using the B3051 is my default if I cannot take a reasonably informed decision re the offroad options. Does any one know the condition of the various lanes shown on the OSMCycle maps in orange?
Sorry, it's not clear to me if you're planning overnight trips, I'm not familiar with the areas you mention and probably my input is not what you're expecting..... But here goes....^_^

It's always better to have flexibility in your plans and not be aiming to max out the distance or daylight. Especially if going off-road. A perfect route today could be a nightmare tomorrow depending on weather conditions, work taking place etc.
Racing against the clock or the fading sun is generally not pleasant.
Excess energy and daylight can always be used by exploring at or near the day's end.

I think language is important, especially when days are tough. I don't make errors, but I have had (and hopefully will continue to) many, many learning experiences. ^_^

Always handy to have some handy snacks and water. In nastier conditions something hot can work wonders for lifting spirits - be that a flask or some way of brewing your beverage of choice.

As regards the bike the only comments I'm qualified to make are that it should be comfortable and that you should be comfortable with the basic mechanics. Some rim/tyre combinations can be tricky to seperate, for example. Also, a good idea to have some shakedown rides before going fully off-grid.

Hoping you enjoy your adventures on your new machine!


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Some of the trails south of Newbury will be OK but some will be muddy at this time of year. If you head across Greenham Common and take the track immediately to the east of the hardened shelters this will lead you down to a junction on the A339 then follow the quiet roads to Kingsclere. From there, take The Dell off the Basingstoke Road to the track that leads up to Plantation Hill - the first bit should be OK but the climb after it is a bit rough. Carry on to Hannington either on the tracks or via the road - the one I have shown on this route - Newbury loop would be more suited to a gravel bike rather than some of the others where an MTB would be better. After Hannington you can pick up the Wayfarers Trail to Inkpen Beacon- most should be OK on a gravel bike then road to the K&A canal and back.

Enjoy the new bike.
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