Oh the sadness...

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Smash the cistern
Wait till you see what they did to season two of Robot Trains.


Dreaming of Celeste
West Sussex
And they ruined Bob the Builder.


Convoi Exceptionnel
Quedgeley, Glos.
Years ago they did that with Tom & Jerry.. Plus, they added ridiculous sounds, too!
It ruined my daughter's and my enjoyment of the cartoon 😔
Yep. It suddenly became a Hanna Barbera production and immediately lost all of its charm.


Smash the cistern
On the other hand, the She-Ra reboot was really good, the new MLP is a lot of fun, Glitter Force is good for a laugh, Bluey is amazing and as for Hilda, it's utterly sublime.

There's a lot of shite out there but there are some real gems. The trick is to try and get your kids into it and not the crap.
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