Oi! Cathryn!


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Thank you sir!!! We're off for a ride now...I shall report back


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We had a lovely ride. Just 20 odd miles but blue skies and cold sunshine, which is always lovely conditions for riding. Richard did really well...kind of tooooo well. Whilst he had his old bike and I had Liesl, I whipped his a*se which I rather enjoyed. But now he's got a triple chainset too I was left for dust. Gutting. But lovely to see him enjoying it so much.

He also bravely tried clipless pedals for the first time too - just one foot. He loved it for most of the trip until the obligatory slow topple to one side outside a bike shop. I managed not to snigger too much :rolleyes:

Am going to try posting a photo now. May not work.


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Nice bike though. Lucky fella.
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