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The late great Sheldon Brown recommends leaving the manufacturers grease on and not oiling a new chain.

I recently replaced my 105 ten speed chain and followed his advice .Result was really crap gear changing.

I wiped off as much as I could but didnt use degreaser relubed it with what I normally use and gear changing is now slick again.

As a newbie I am reluctant to say Sheldon is wrong but it didnt work for me.
I once put a new chain on my bike and read Sheldon's advice and thought it'd be OK for its first ride (Glasgow - Edinburgh); it pi$$ed all the way and by the time I got to Edinburgh, 55miles later surface rust spots were already showing :biggrin:


I always left the manufacturers lubricant on but I was never happy with the amount of crap that stuck to it, one day I bought an SRAM chain and from the start I was not happy with it as gear changes were appalling and I was plagued with chain suck before I reliased how tacky the manufacturers lubricant was, after a few drops of finish line wet there was a vast improvement.

Following advise from the LBS, they recommend that I clean the chain of all manufacturers lubricant before fitting it and lightly oil it, I have found that the life of the chain is vastly improved, along with the chain, chain rings and sprocket all being cleaner and easier to clean when required.


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I've been led to understand that the manufacturer's lube should be left in place for its lubrication of the innards - I don't think there's any problem with wiping it off the exterior, and adding some lighter stuff of your own. I think that's what I'd do. I'd certainly hesitate before soaking/stripping a new chain.


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The stuff on new Shimano and SRAM chains is like ear wax. When I've fitted new ones I've started off with Finish Line dry in a couple of cycles of 'The method' which gets them nicely coated with water repellent and running smoothly.

Edit: Put the link in for The Method


Swea'pea is right. Sheldon advises against the dioping/soaking method as it's the inside of the rollers that really needs it.

Nothing wrong with wiping the exterior and lubing with Finish line - this helps give slicker changes
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