OK - here we go again!

We have bike lockers at work, but neither my Hurricane, Street Machine or Catrike fit in. Then the people at ICE added foldingness to their machines

So its n+1 time again.

I rather like the B2, but my concern is the ability to place one's feet on the floor. Has anyone ridden / owned one of these?


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Not the B2, I rode the B1 I think, the small wheeled one. I often find it hard to get feet down on two wheel bents that aren't the low type.

The B1 was great - the usual couple of false starts for me(I'm a bit nervy, so I don't get the good push off you need), then it felt fine round the block a couple of times.

The B1 would be on my potential list if I was in the position of getting a 'bent bike.


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Yes, I've ridden one. Tom_e from YACF has one, and kindly popped around to let me try it. It was a 2009 model, so not the folder. I found it very easy to get my feet down flat, and rode off without any mishaps despite it being the very first time I'd tried a 'bent. However, I am 6'2.

It's a lovely bike. He's done a review of it on YACF (I suspect you have already found it).
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