Ok so we all need one of these


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It's cheaper than this one
All you really need is one of these (mine is the next model down, minus the scissors or the hooked implement but otherwise identical).

For the record, it performs admirably always drawing the cork precisely and in one piece (always assuming you can still find a wine bottle with a 'real' cork that is. B****y plastic! :biggrin:).

Indeed, it does the job a lot better than the pukka corkscrew which we bought in France, and now lies in a kitchen drawer unused...:evil:

How much a Swiss army costs these days I don't know, my wife bought me mine as a pressie...


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I find the corkscrew on a penknife can be a little narrow - a few times it's just ripped out of the cork.
Always managed to get to the vinous goodness in the end though :biggrin:


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When I was much younger, my mates and I used the ventilation slot on a local lamp post (the slot in the metal cover that maintainance work is carried out inside) to open our beer bottles. the ones that the oldest looking one amongst us bought from the offie. Can't get any cheaper than that:biggrin:.

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Ah don't need wan as ah jist unscrew the tap aff ma bo'le o' Buckie!! :biggrin:

Disclaimer: I have never tasted Buckfast in my life and nor do I have any intention of either.
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