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Hi just found the forum and thought I'd drop in

My name is Karl I live in Manchester and I'm 48. I have lost a lot of weight (A heck of a lot ) over the last year or so and decided to get a bike to help with my knackered knees and to help keep fit.

I got the chance of a second hand bike at what I hope was a good price and have been out on it a few times. Only short distances of twenty miles up to now and the bike seems ok. I fancy some new wheels and it does need new tyres. If anyone can offer me some advice as to what to go for I'd appreciate it.

It's many years since I had a road bike and the spec is Greek to me but this it is what do you guys think? the frame is noting special

Renold 531 double butted tubing, close clearance, short wheelbase sprint frame, 21” from bottom bracket to top of seat tube and 21” seat tube to stem with a 4” handlebar extension,
Campagnolo Chorus front and rear mech,
Veloce brake callipers
Athena seat post.
To control this lot is a set of Chorus carbon ergo-power levers with a shimano ultegra cable set.
Rear hub is a Sachs, with 7 speed cassette.
Rigida 700c rims are fitted to both wheels

Could those in the know please tell me what I should have paid for it

Thanks for letting me join I'm sure I'll get lots from the site


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hi Karl and welcome to the forum :biggrin:


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Welcome. Sorry, I know nothing about pricing for upright bikes, nor whether this was the right purchase for you. If you can afford it, you love it, and you can't go back and change it, then accept it was the right price :smile:

A quick whip through the evans online catalogue will find you similar spec'd bikes, and you can begin to build a price graph from that if you're interested. Ultimately, the components are consumables, and the frame is the bit you keep. A nice Reynolds frame is a joy forever.


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Thanks guys for the nice welcome. I'm really pleased with the bike so far it works great and seems well put together. Only completed three short 20 milers so far but building gradually
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