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Hi everyone, fantastic looking site and looking forward to posting.:sad:

Am returning to cycling after many years oo a layoff, I took out my old Raleigh Pioneer 160 from the garage the other nite to dust it down and attempt to get riding.

Its a steel cr-mo ???? frame I think....and i remember i enjoyed riding it(4 years ago i think)

The bike is in very good nick apart from the bottom brackett
which has a lot of play and sounds very graunchy:ohmy:.

Now I am lost on all the new techie developments in bike terms.....carbon fibre frames etc...(my dream frame was a reynolds 531....which i never could afford , alas.)

To cut to the chase I intend visinting Halfords later to see if I can get a new bb for the Raliegh.....thing is I havent a clue what size....width, external, sealed...etc to ask for??:becool:

Can anyone steer me in the right direction please and forgive my ignorance.....looking forward to hearing from some one to save my blushes.:laugh:
Hi ya,

If you post in Know How I'm sure somebody will help you out. My only advice would be to avoid Hellfrauds, most are useless but you never know you may be lucky.


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Hallo and welcome :rain:

As for your BB, you'd be better off putting a post in Know How, as more knowledgeable people are more likely to read it there, someone will ken the answer... :laugh:


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Thanks for replies and welcome guys,will post in know how and see how i get on ty.

Hj you are right regarding "Halfrauds"....some of the staff arent exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.
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