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Allen Lang-Norris

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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone can help.

I am doing a bike build from just a frame for a ride across America in 2022, I have loads of bikes but I dont really know where to start or even if I have a decent frame to be able to do this 3.5k miles. The obvious one is to start with the wheels but I dont know what will suit the frame.

Does anyone have this frame or advice on where to start looking for this sort of thing?


Many thanks


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Accra, Ghana
I'm sure that Scott would be absolutely fine. Does it have all the mounts you need for panniers etc?
I'd be happier with a steel frame for that kind of trip. Just depends on your budget and whether you want to go buying new bits like wheels for absolute dependability.
Are you in the UK and going to ship it across or are you in the States?
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