On a lucky streak!

PM me the lottery numbers you are using this week please.


Puzzle game developer
I never win owt :sad:
"You have to be in to win!"

A colleague once saw me heading to a post box with a pile of 10 envelopes. (In the days of postal entries - I only do free online entries now.) He asked what they were and I told him that I was entering competitions and this was the latest batch of entries.

Colleague: "It's all a fix - nobody ever wins those, or if somebody does it will be a mate of one of the judges!"

I won a synthesiser worth £1,800, a piece of software worth £35 and a pair of cycling sunglasses worth £50!

I have won a few other bits and bobs over the years.

Ask @DCLane what he has won ...!


My Armchair
A colleague of mine won a car many years ago in a raffle when a new supermarket opened up near him, very nice.

I must have walked under a few ladders when I was a kid as I never win anything either.


Harder than Ronnie Pickering
Meanwood, Leeds
The only thing i ever won was a bottle of scotch in a school raffle when i was about 8 , obviously i did nt drink it and no one in the family drunk.
Ask for it back then.
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