On my ride today I saw


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A crop circle
An old bath and some rubble left on side of the road :angry:
A three piece suite in the hedge :angry:
And wedding guests on a large box trailer being towed by a tractor followed by the bride also in a trailer being pulled by another tractor :ohmy:


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That's quite a list!

I saw a Quest velomobile, which probably pipped me to first place in the oddest-bike-seen-on-the-Big-G-sportive for most people, me being on just a plain old recumbent trike.


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I was given a lift today (can I post it in this thread
) and I saw a bloke with no brakes - ok he had his shoe ... basically we overtook him when safe, on a wide road, and at each set of lights he undertook us whilst using his shoe on the ground as a brake... given that he was also balancing a bag on the handlebars of his 24" wheel'd bike (he was probably nearly 6ft!!), we sat at each set of lights nervously watching him appear in our rear mirror and slide/scrape past!!! Then he had a really bad start style at each set of lights too... rather than getting his pedal in the correct position. Glad when we finally lost him.

Only to pick up a man carrying a large box of lego in his hand dangling from the handlebars. Offered to lean out and grab it ... but my son said he had that set already.

Why oh why didn't I have my camera on my for once.


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You've just reminded me - tonight(about 20:15 hrs) on the Stirling Road(A9) in Camelon I was passed by a "Horse" box marked "Humans"(instead of Horses).
I believe it had been converted into a mobile home type thing - It made me laugh, but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture on my phone.

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