On Saturday eve'....

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I was out on a ride and made my way over to one of my favourite areas...anyway., stopped on the side of the road to sort my music situation out (h.fones on mobile was all tangled in shirt) and teh road I was on was a quick section of road, quiet though and it has a GREAT view across to Winte Hill..http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&h...25124&sspn=0.023761,0.05785&ie=UTF8&z=14&om=1

What happened next was totally crazy: 3 blokes on RB's went past (northerely direction )at a good clip so I jumped back on the bike and managed to catch them @ 30mph prior to a 50mph downhill..hedonism came all over me and I passed the last one at just on 50mph...:smile:

It was then 'catch me if you can time' :smile:

Though by then I was nearly having a heart-attack on the next long drag...;)....

Because ~ I had to do another 3mile climb after that too...! :sad:

PS - If anyone these 3 lads/blokes are reading this you can really motor and should be racing ! Though you didn't seem the racing type ?!!

Moral of story: If you do chase anyone down NEVER go past them and play bravado unless you have the legs !!!


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I held my own yesterday on my MTB with slicks....matey boy on his nice Giant RB.....I held him off until my turning came up.....was well chuffed.......but I know what you mean.....used to do that years back....doubt if I have the legs now.


Sure you've had those times, Keith on the bike, when speed is not of the essence and its simply about time and pushing the envelope of distance with speed not of any importance even though you are shifting big time...;)

Anyway if it wasn't for the 50 downhill then it would have made it even more interesting - it was too good a 'go' to give up = trying beat all those STRONG blokes...:sad:

Keith Oates said:
50 mph, that's fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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