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Hi all, to try and scoop up more signatures for an online petition I have come here to beg more support.

Check it out here and add your name (if you agree with it of course!)

And please, hassle friends and family too as it need 200 sig + before it is brought to the "pm's" attention.
Duly signed. Do these petitions ever make a difference though?:biggrin:


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Have done and good luck with this:thumbsup:

pity some ignorant idiots have signed it "make cylists [sic] obey the highway code" and "get cyclist [sic] off the road, they are far too dangerous"


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Although the official line will be that cycle awareness is already part of the test, as is all road awareness. Of course we all know that for most people, they probably don't pass a bike on their test, and if they do they forget the correct procedure about 8 seconds after getting their pass...


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James Hardy, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Alexander Cox
anne symes
get cyclist off the road, they are far too dangerous
Make cylists obey the Highway Code


Elmer Fudd

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Done the deed


Awareness OF cycles, are we talking? They don't have to actually demonstrate bike riding ability in the driving test, do they?

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