Open every post ?

Jerry Atrik

South Devon
On the existing site you can hover over the title and read the first few lines then decide if you want to carry on . On the new one you cant so have to open every post . Why ?


The built-in topic preview works differently in the new software.

Personally I'm not a fan, and there is a plugin under development to replicate the current "hover" preview we have now, so hopefully we can get this feature back.

In the meantime, move your mouse to the far right of the topic line and an icon should appear (page with a green upwards pointing arrow). Click this icon to load the preview box.

Shaun :smile:


Puzzle game developer
I miss the preview feature too.

I still visit the BikeRadar forum (*spit!*) and hate the fact that there is no preview feature there.

Incidentally, that forum is heading more and more in the direction that you are determined to stop CycleChat going in. There is a group of posters who seem to be trying to out-gross each other. Sometimes, it's like being back at school. Keep CC clean!
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