opening mail at work - bit of a rant


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That's nosey and friggin' rude, I'd ask him not to do it when it's obviously a personal item.

I don't see anything wrong with having this sort of stuff delivered to work either. Having stuff delivered to home when you know there's no-one in is a waste of time for the postie and It's a pain in the harris to have to go to the sorting office.

I open the post at the office here - If it's an amazon, wiggle, ebay parcel, etc. I hand it over to addressee.


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It's a difficult one as it can mean a lot of pressure and hassle for the person doing the post - it's just covering your back.


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marinyork said:
It's a difficult one as it can mean a lot of pressure and hassle for the person doing the post - it's just covering your back.
It can be. Or it can be just an officious peanut being an officious peanut. A friend/colleague of mine, many years ago, used to get letters from his mum at work (it being his most reliable and consistent address at the time). The woman on the front desk used to open them all, despite knowing full well from the handwriting exactly what they were. When he asked her not to, she snottily informed him that she opened all the mail and that was that. She wasn't covering her back. She was just being an officious peanut.


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There was a place I worked as an office junior, it was a solicitors, and all post was opened by the mail-lady unless it said 'private' or 'confidential' on the envelope. Non-partner fee-earners had their opened post given to their supervising partner, for review before it was passed on to them.

Where I work now, Royal Mail post gets delivered to us without being opened (though parcels will be X-rayed). But anything that comes by courier goes to Goods In, and it will be opened and logged in. If it's a work package it will be brought to you, but if it is a personal package then they send you an email and you have to go and collect it.


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swee said:
Well that's different. Just saying I used to do checking in, processing and delivering a large number of items as a job (very large organisation). Strangely enough we had the opposite policy parcels ideally to be opened, all correspondence never to be opened. If you had any sense you opened every single parcel apart from lab samples and things like that.

Stuff goes missing whatever you do, you have to check stuff or have the familiarity with it because otherwise people come along and start making outrageous claims when stuff goes missing. Of course that happened anyway because we had a flawed logging system that I often complained about and basically people would start making up BS stories about one item logged in being another item (because you couldn't distinguish). It was most likely to happen with high value items and personal parcels, which was where what I was saying came into it. I remember a time when a very high value item was confused with something else that had come in - thank god it wasn't me that logged it - took about 3 days to convince the boss's boss that it wasn't that and had in fact gone somewhere else. Never minded personal parcels coming in it's just that some people had totally unrealistic expectations - got it delivered in, no information they even worked there and then got into a strop after you'd tried and failed to contact this person.


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I get a Graze box delivered every Tuesday and originally got it delivered to work but the first one caused a security alert. Because I work for the government all the post is scanned/x-rayed and when that happened it flagged up as being suspicious! After that I just get them sent to home.


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threebikesmcginty said:
That's nosey and friggin' rude, I'd ask him not to do it when it's obviously a personal item.

The office I worked in for the last 7 years had a General Manager who used to open "all" our mail. He would then place it in the centre of your desk with what he thought was the most important at the top - with the least important(to him) at the bottom. He would date stamp everything "received" etc.
If the mail contained technical brochures he fancied he would keep them for his own personal use - to look at the pictures(because he wouldn't understand them :biggrin:).
I eventually got all my business mail delivered to my home address - much to my General Managers annoyance(he had no mail of his own) :biggrin:.


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Both the receptionist and Directors's PA are pretty good where 'private' stuff is concerned. The boss is a bit, well a lot, of a twat and depending on his mood that day, has been known to winge about parcels etc. All letters are opened, whether private or not.

The girls just hide the parcels for us. :biggrin:


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Here's complicated:

Today I brought a bit of post, a parcel, into the office that had been delivered to our old address (where I do my other job). Inside the brown paper was a tissue paper and ribbon package. Pete looked at the covering letter and handed it to me, saying "Your sort of thing I think".

It was a promotional box of RNLI teabags...:blush:

(Plugging a 4 year round the world cycle trip in aid of the RNLI, and also the RNLI teabag brand, available in good supermarkets...)


Over here in Italy, we do not even have a letter box at the house and mail delivery is very patchy. As a result all my mail comes to my office and even then I note that bank statements seem to come once every 2 months and I am still waiting for my race licence. We therefore have an agreement that mail addressed to an individual is left for them to open and only business mail is opened in the main office.
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