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What would be your reaction?

You are cycling at night along a road that you know. Approaching a junction where drivers will often cut across in front of you. From behind, to make the left hand turn. Whilst those coming out onto the main road, will often do so with little regard for you.
There is the added distraction of a bus following you up the road, ready to take the left turn at the junction.

Don't want to say too much as this may yet go to court. Just seeing if anyone would do what I am told I did.

You have lights, front & rear, fitted & in use. Also toe straps in use on the pedals.


Weeeeell.....hypothetically speaking I'd ride assertively, away from the side of the road and make it clear am heading straight on. How fast were you riding?


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Depending on how far it is from the left turn, I'd either:

If close enough, move to primary position, and put my foot down a bit (well, both feet, alternately;)) in order to get a move on, thereby hopefully discouraging the bus and following traffic behind from overtaking... All the while of course, checking for traffic pulling out from ahead, so covering my brakes.

If far enough away not to get left hooked, I might allow the bus to overtake by slowing up, if it was the only following traffic. But I'd have to be sure he had room to come by and turn, so on balance I'd tend towards primary position and get a move on.


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My reaction, as given by the driver of the car that didn't bother stopping for me, even when on the bonnet, "I just stopped to let the bus go past".
As far as I can tell, this puts me on the junction.
Not something I would have done.

Forgot to mention that road is on a slight uphill incline. Speed at the time would have been around 14 mph. Same road travelled at other times.
See- http://www.multimap.com/maps/#t=l&m...27:-1.8575:13|halifax|Halifax, West Yorkshire

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My opinion,
assume nothing, you have lights but it doesn't mean you will be seen, approaching a junction where you get cut up AND have cars pulling out sounds a situation where all my warning senses would be going and hands would be resting on the brakes ready.
most probably not what you wanted to hear , but you did ask...


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I'd do something visceral involving lots of screaming and mess. Don't worry, you were right.


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I asked with the intention of trying to find another cyclist who may be willing to do what the car driver said I did.
So far there has been no-one saying they'd stop. Nice to know.

As for finding a different route, the alternates are just as bad. only longer.
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