Ordered 28, got a 23. OK?

Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by Schooner, 8 Aug 2012.

  1. Schooner

    Schooner Senior Member

    My aging hybrid 700 35 tire was bulging off the rim and needed changing so I plumped for a thinner one, ordering a continental 28c, from halfords. It arrived with a new tube (decent bundle price) very quickly. I was surprised how skinny it was but the continental packaging said 700 28c so I didn't think too much about it.
    So I put it on today and it sure was skinny, just like my road bike me thought. Then when I got to pumping I double checked the recommended pressure on the side wall and saw it said 700 23c.
    That will explain why it is so skinny.
    Anyway, it rides OK (for a 2 minute test), and seems to sit on the rim OK. My question is will it be OK, out might it pop of the rim with lateral stress? I fancy keeping it but I don't fancy it causing me to go down.
    Any advice would be most welcome.
  2. rusky

    rusky CC Addict

    I wouldn't risk it!
  3. MisterStan

    MisterStan Label Required

    Surely the 700c bit is the important bit, is the other tire a different size?
  4. rusky

    rusky CC Addict

    Not only. Yes, if the tyre isn't 700c then it won't fit the rim as the diameter will be wrong.If it is too wide or too narrow then this is likely to not seat correctly.
  5. Sittingduck

    Sittingduck Guru

    Lol. What rims are on that puppy? I mean how wide are they, exactly...?
  6. GrasB

    GrasB Veteran

    Nr Cambridge
    What's the inside rim to rim distance of the wheel? A general rule of thumb is you need about 3mm narrower internal width than nominal tyre width.
  7. oldfatfool

    oldfatfool Veteran

    I'm guessing if it came with a 35c as std it won't be happy with a 23.
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