Ortlieb fitting a Bontrager back rack I


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I am thinking about buying a pair of Ortlieb classics to fit on the rack of my Trek 7.5WSD - although I probably don't need a pair but can't seem to buy them in singles ;-(.
Does anyone out there know if the Ortlieb will fit on this rack? I think they come with the QL1 fixing arrangement......
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Is the rack made by Trek?


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I have 2 x Ortlieb Bike Shopper pannier which you can buy individually - I use them for carrying stuff to work and shopping - they're great. Have not tried them for touring but would think they would be fine. They fitted my existing rack (which is standard touring rack) by adjusting the position of the 2 hooks on the top back of the bag and the lower anchoring hook. I found the Q system really easy to fit.
You can also buy the Bike Roller City pannier individually.
Perhaps you could have a look at the Ortlieb racks on their web site and see if they are similar to the one on your 7.5 or even ping Ortlieb an e-mail.
(BTW I tried a 7.5 last week - nice!)
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