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Not abusive then?

Johnny Thin

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... Mike van Erp, a champion speed-skater, who wore an arresting, body-hugging, blue and black Lycra outfit and helmet, and swooped around us like a more can-do version of Spider-Man, bouncing off the kerbs and shouting encouragement as we learned, bent almost double, to push ourselves along on first one leg, then the other. "Awesome," Mike would shout at the merest glimmer of upright motion, or "Gimme five" - and we banged plastic hand-protectors.
Love it! ;)

Interesting name Mikey - any relation of Wyatt?


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Well in Mikey!


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Maggot, ah yes, let me just paraphrase your logic on that little debate: I'm a hypocrite because I'd wear a helmet on a motorbike, yet not in a car.
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