OT Motor cycle helmets

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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Out here in Vietnam there are literally thousands of small 100cc motorbikes but it was not required to wear helmets. The rules have just changed and now we have to wear them at all times so you can imagine the panic there is to get hold of them. However a lot of people out here when caught for a motoring (bikes) offence do not just get fined, the bikes are confiscated and you will not get them back for anything from 2 to 4 weeks. Would something like this work in the UK without causing a riot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Member
Yarm, Cleveland
I think we are probably more outspoken and have agreater sense of fair play in the UK i can imagine that in Vietnam or Asia in general there is a lot more respect (fear) for authority, i think they are a far more humble race and challenging authority would not be in their 'humble' nature.

Thats my thoughts but as you live out there Keith, you probably have a much better handle on it.

Incidentaly i saw i lad get off a moped on our high street the other day and a policeman walking across the road to have a wee chat with him.....i was amazed when he took his helmet off to reveal the fresh faced looks of a 13yr old. He was just blazenly riding down a busy high street!!!

As as was walking past the two of them he was using his mobile phone and i can only assume it was his brother or sister on the other end cos he was ranting "no not dad....put mum on"

Couldnt help but chuckle.....policeman gave me a wink.....very funny.
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