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I think South Africa might just outmuscle them - provided that is, worldwide stocks of creatine and sundry products are not stockpiled by the All Blacks "conditioning" advisors...:biggrin:

Bring back the good ol' days...men ate ears and did their boots with dubbin! :biggrin:



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Certainly looks that way, although there is still a long way to go before the World Cup starts and plenty of games for key guys like MaCaw and Carter to have to avoid injury.
Stuart Barnes commented in the Sunday Times that the Kiwis had the doomed air of a team on the slide about them. They have abandoned exciting free format rugby for trying to outmuscle their opponents.

South Africa may not be the brightest bunch in the world, but out muscling the opposition is what they do best. Have they not already beaten the Kiwis this year before sending their B team to NZ.
Early days, yet, but I'd put my money on France!
They are unpredicatble, but can turn it on for the big occasion, especially with it being on home territory.
They are capable of playing very open, attacking, running rugby, keeping it in the forwards, or being able to muscle-up with the best/worst of them if it gets a bit 'physical'.
England? Q-F if they're lucky! :biggrin:
Has to be the All Blacks.

When the Springboks beat them in this years Tri, the All Blacks had played a tough game the week before against the Aussies so a defeat wasn't a surprise.

France flatter to deceive, especially in this years 6N. Ireland lost the 6N in the last minute when they played France don't forget.

South Africa look like one trick ponies - muscle, muscle and....... muscle.

Aussies don't look like they did 2 years ago never mind 4.

Only Ireland look capable of giving the Tri. teams a game at the mo.

As for Stuart Barnes - least said the better for his predictions and his Sky cohorts.


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What is this Rugby League of which you speak?

By the way- Kiwis will win; noone else has got any long term form at the moment. Ireland are great. but inconsistent. South Africans claim that they are 'playing their b team' sounds a bit hollow, especially in the short run up to this world cup (I know its 5 months but in rugby terms that's nothing). England haven't got a hope in hell, despite some positive signs in the 6 nations. France play great rugby, but not often enough. Kiwis have long term consistency on their side, but that means very little in practical terms - a mistake in the semis means that anything could happen. Odds are on the kiwis at the moment, but thee's still a while yet, a few key injuries can wipe anyone out (as us Brits know only too well).
Vigilies said:
Come over from the Dark side and watch The Greatest Game : RUGBY LEAGUE! It's more than just kick and clap.:biggrin:

I say dear boy. I jolly well have two Harlequins season tickets - harrrumpphhhh!
(Yeah - glutton for punishment - don't tell me :biggrin: )
Keith Oates

Keith Oates

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Rugby League was invented when they couldn't find sufficient talented men to field 15 a side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, forgot to add they also didn't know how to form a scrum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aperitif said:
...no change there then:smile:

Yep, scrums are a joke in league. It's a good job the rest of the game's so much better than union :biggrin:. It's a bit late to start a rugby thread, State of Origin's finished now.:biggrin:


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I am I alone in thinking some of the top Rugby players' musculature is, erm, "assisted"?
bof said:
I am I alone in thinking some of the top Rugby players' musculature is, erm, "assisted"?

Could be. Testing's been in place for years though (just like cycling :biggrin:). Jamie Bloem was banned for two years a long time ago for the use of anabolic steroids. Don't forget they are big but not stupidly huge on the muscle mass front. They have access to good coaches and sports scientists and the top teams probably get nutrients for free. Their size is very doable to joe public if the time is put in and training is done properly.
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