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Well as i posted earlier i have lost one of my hearing aids.Don't ask me how.But after having a bit of work done on it two weeks ago,it was howling and whistling while i was away.So i could not get it fixed,that was a job for this week.Well over the weekend it drove me barmy,so i took it out in the restaurant ,they did not see it,so it is either on the streets in Kirkstall or in the back of a Uber taxi.Well this morning i got a replacement,at a cost of £85 yes we don't own the aids they are on loan to us and they remain the property of the Nhs and government while we have them.I wonder when you die do you have to give them up.I won't lose these.


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Aren't they in the bits of left over from cremation, along with joint replacements ? :laugh:
That brings around a difficult question of whether or not it would be beneficial if he found it.....?

Are you sure you did not accidentally swap it with one of your suppositories? They do look alike.


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My poor old MIL had hearing aids but they disappeared from her room in the care home along with the replacements and those of several other residents. Too many to be coincidence.
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