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Got taken out by a car at work yesterday whilst following a pony and trapp that had gone through a red light. Was on my motorbike with blues on overtaking a line of traffic when a car turned right without warning. Took his wing mirror out with my ribs...Big Ouch, even though I was only doing 10-15mph. Stayed upright but bloody sore...might have been worse had I been on my push bike rather than my motorbike....:blush:
Get well soon Vike - at least it wasn't your 'best bike' that took a hit. Hope the healing is good and full. Now get behind that desk - at once! :smile:


CC Neighbourhood Police Constable
Desk....me I'll bve bored and wanting to get back to the active side as soon as I can breathe in without pain...On the plus side I may be able to watch all the Criterium du Dauphne on Eurosport before going back to work...timing is lousy should have had the accident at the start of the Tour and blagged 3 weeks off.


Vikeonabike said:
Driver is ok..blaming me for not riding the right sort of Police bike...lol
So he reckons that it's fine to turn into anyone other than people on the right sort of police bikes? I'm sure that you'll have fun with that one.

I got a rib injury from coming off a bike many years ago, it took forever before I could say that it healed, even 6 month later the kids could find a sore bit when using me as a climbing frame.

Good that you aren't too badly hurt, though, Vike. Enjoy a bit of rest.
Shows how even our BiB are vulnerable - GWS Vike and back on the bike (either sort!) soon - we need coppers like you on the road! At least you seem to have come off more lightly than the very nasty motorbike crash we saw on Thursday (in Yorkshire) - at least one of the bikers had compound fractures and a suspected punctured lung.

Pony and trap RLJ'ing? That's got to be a first! Don't suppose it was breaking the speed limit too or was it...:smile:? Was it to do with the big horse fair event which has been taking place over the North of England these past few days (we saw a lot of old-fashioned horse-drawn gypsy caravans on the road on our way up to Scotland)?


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Poor you, get well soon.

OH is always saying "idiot motorcyclists" when he's driving (when they're faster than him) and "idiot cyclists" (when they're slower than him).

I say if you do your Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre thingy, you'll not hit one.


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Ouch indeed, i've broken my ribs a few times and feel your pain. one of the worst areas to break a bone imo. Get well soon :angry:
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