Overshoe recommendations sought

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I'm looking for a pair of overshoes for summer use when I cycle with rainlegs and a waterproof top, but wish to slow down the rate at which my feet get wet as much as possible. I'm using mtb summer shoes with mtb clipless pedals. I have neoprene winter overshoes so am looking for something lightweight but durable that doesn't have too much in the way of thermal insulation and packs down small.

I've read around a bit but nothing really jumps out at me.

Recommendations sought please.


Hi, I use these "VeloToze Tall Shoe Covers"
They are light and small, so fit in a bag or pocket easily. They are tight fitting so limit rain getting in, some still will. They are not padded so will not warm your feet - although as they are one piece of rubber, they keep the heat in. They do tear easily and are "disposable" in a way, but they do work. I have used the same pair about 4 times, but I think maybe the next time I try them, they may give way. Ps I use these on a road bike. I also have heavyweight neoprene ones which zip up at the back, but they do leak a lot and bulky.


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I made mine myself from epdm elastomer.
First tryout on paper to find right dimensions, then cut out and sewed with nylon, knots melted, velcro on them.
That was 8 years ago.
Drawback: quite heavy for what they are, but they also don't get blown away.
Very quick to put on, just wrap around shoe and lower leg and hit the velcro. I can take them off while riding.
Why? Got tired of all the crap they sell nowadays - just a waste of money.

Sorry for the double pictures, it looked like it didn't work, I retried, but it did work and the retry spammed. :P


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