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Good Buy? or Goodbye..........?

I just completed my first sportive, otherwise I would not have went out in the rain. So enroute to the event I detoured to Halfords and bought myself a pair of overshoes. They looked the part, altura make. I fitted in with everyone else on the day, BUT! my feet still got wet and cold. Was my purchase a waste of money or did I only get a wee bit wet as apposed to soaked. Thinking about it.....my waterproof jacket acted the same. I'm thinking of buying a can of spray to reproof it. The overshoes were marked down from £20 to £14.39 and then you get more discount for click and collect online rather than just walk in off the street.. I paid just over £11.


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I don't know what it was caused your problem, but generally I'm not such a fan of Altura gear. Wasn't so long ago they were a reasonable budget brand, but in the last couple of years or so their cachet seems to have improved without the product also improving. My cheaper overshoes are Planet X ones, work well enough and durable too.


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Did you have a thick pair of socks on? If the overshoes were made of neoprene your feet shouldn't have got wet unless they were too big? £11 is a good price so my advice would be to go with them til they wear out and spend a bit more for a pair that won't get your feet wet


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They'll all let your feet get wet if it's raining hard enough - esp if you dint have a full front mudguard fitted.

The rain eventually runs down your legs and soaks you through no matter what.

Generally they're ok in lighter rain and do help to keep the cold out.

I got fed up of them wearing out in 12 months and bought some proper winter boots... Feet still get wet in torrential downpours , but at least it soon becomes warm water. :smile:
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