painful inner shin!


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I've recently got a new touring bike to replace an old one that was stolen. I am used to cycling long distances with heavy loads, toeclips etc, but now even after really short rides the insides of my shins are really tight and sore, stopping me from running, which is my main joy (cycling is a fun form of transport).

I didn't even know I had muscles here- perhaps its more ligaments, but it's definitely more front than calf- almost like shin splints :s I don't even know how to stretch these muscles!

Any idea
1) what's causing it
2) how to treat/prevent it/ whether it will get better
3) any stretches?

Thank you!!!


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sound like shin splints to me my friend. I am no expert though. I used to get it on the outer part of my shins when I went walking. Apparently it is more common to get the pain on the inside-if it is that ?



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You sure the cycling is causing it and not the running? Shin splints is common with running, and unfortunately is another on a long list of things which I can add to my injury CV.

Have you changed anything else to do with your physical routine?
New shoes? Upped distance/intensity? Training on tarmac more than before?

What you can do in the mean time:
identify exactly where the pain is and keep a diary
Stretch - one is to kneel down and sit on your feet, then lean backwards, another is to use a wall or a small step - facing the wall, you want to put your heel of your foot as close to the corner where the wall and the floor join and put the ball of that foot as high as possible. Keeping a straight leg, lean/push yourself into the ball (will really stretch the calf as well) ....just google "shin splint stretch" for many others
ICE - very useful

On a side note, is the pain permanent? If you rub your fingers hard down your shin does it hurt? Does it hurt in the area you are on about to suspend your leg in the air and write the alphabet a few times over?
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