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Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by chrisb1357, 11 Apr 2010.

  1. chrisb1357

    chrisb1357 Über Member

    Hi all,

    Been looking for my first Pannier Rack & Bag to fit to my Giant Hybrid CSR4 but there is so many out there its hard to pick which one. I dont want anything fancy and expensive. its will be used for to and from work and will need to take that a std back pack would need to.

    Any ideas on any deals etc

  2. rh100

    rh100 Well-Known Member

    Just a couple of suggestions until an expert chips in :laugh:

    Does your frame have the lugs near the rear axle and the top of the rear stays? Should be four, top bottom and either side. If not then would you need a rack that clamps onto the seat tube?

    Also be carefull of the rack obscuring your rear light, I got a bracket with mine to fit the light to back of the rack rather than on the seat post.

    Also, I didn't realise mine were not waterproof - but I did then buy a waterproof insert for one of the bags.

    Try to be aware of how it will fit with a mud guard as well.

    Hope this helps, but if you are not sure of fit, then buy from an LBS to be sure.
  3. John the Monkey

    John the Monkey Frivolous Cyclist

    firstly, how much do you need to carry?

    If it's in the region of 15-20 litres, a transverse saddle bag like a carradice could work. This is what I use on my bike.

    You can mount a rack to the same eyelet as your mumdguard stays if your bike doesn't have four eyelets on the rear dropouts. My own rack is a Tortec expedition - nice and solid, not overly heavy, and about £25 from Ribble, iirc - has a light plate on the back too.
  4. OP

    chrisb1357 Über Member

  5. John the Monkey

    John the Monkey Frivolous Cyclist

    Looks like a conventional four point rack will be fine.

    My Tortec is reviewed here;

    You could use a rack top bag to carry your kit or a single pannier. Panniers + rack have an advantage in that they're there if you ever want to carry more. I didn't get on with mine for commuting though, and instead use a Carradice saddle bag, like this;


    great for commuting, and the weight is much better placed than in a single pannier. However, you don't have the versatility of a rack.
  6. rh100

    rh100 Well-Known Member

    My rack looks a bit similar to this:


    Mine had two different size metal straps at the top to attach to the frame, short and long.

    The bags look like this:


    The bags clip on to sides and have straps and buckles to tie it down at top and bottom. There are loads of different types of bag, not sure if there are compatibility issues between types though.
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