Panniers and big feet


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It's getting close to pay day and my purchase of a new bike.

I'm getting a single/fixed gear bike for commuting, shopping and general riding about on, so I want to add a rack and panniers to it.

I've read the occasional post about peoples heals clipping the bags, and I'm worried this might be more of a factor for someone with big feet.
I'm a size 12 and I occasionally clip my heals on my chain stays (washers needed on the pedals to move them out).

Is this going to be a big problem when getting panniers to work?
Is there a different type of rack that positions the bags further back?


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Yes, you're likely to have problems if you use a standard rack. I have size 11 and mine were hitting.

You need to get a rack with 2 mounting rails and use the lower ones. I now have about 1cm clearance, which isn't much but it's enough!

Not sure that a fixed wheel bike is the most suitable for use with panniers... as depending on what's in them you'll want a different gear!
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