Pantani Murdered?


Brunel also asks why Giuseppe Fortuni, who carried out the autopsy, decided to take Pantani's heart and other body tissue home with him after carrying out the autopsy. However Fortuni has quickly explained that this was he finished the autopsy late in the evening and for safety reasons.

Very unusual !

Though to go on...

I do feel that the italian system of cycling is so; money/corporate image/win (eg Mapei etc..) - that this/book theory just cannot be ruled out I wish Tonina Pantani all the best...


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peejay78 said:
i think i prefer/believe matt rendell's carefully researched and intelligent version of events.
I agree .

Was Princess Diana Murdered?

I can't believe 10 years later this is in court!


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Nah Marco was just doing too many recreational drugs - maybe didn't mix with the 'sporting' stuff...argh gonna get shot here.....

Did he do 'drugs' on the bike - we know he used the 'recreational ' type....
Very dodgy, but thats the Italians - emotional lot.....
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